Who Are We?

Hospital Helpers is an agency who’s primary focus is to provide “Private, non-medical, personal health support in a hospital environment” by employing trained, certified staff.

Our Helpers are qualified caregivers who can provide additional services above and beyond, such as being companions, transporters, post-op home caregivers, hotel assistants, extended in-hospital senior care and senior transportation services and even errand runners.

What Can We Do?

Hospital Helpers can give you that extra touch and care which often takes more time than a public healthcare worker can give and more expertise than a family member has.

As a caregiver, our Helpers can assist with personal grooming, toileting, assist in bed-bound activities, rehabilitation exercises, and much more. Our caregivers have professional knowledge of hospital equipment and can monitor vital signs.

How Can We Help?

As a companion, our Helpers can engage in interactive communication —- or simply be there to listen. A Helper can read to the patient or engage to participate in activities such as card games or walks outside.

As a transporter, we can pick you up and help ensure your safe arrival to your appointed destination, whether. We currently offer transport services in an ever-widening number of communities across Southern British Columbia; For a complete region list, please click here.

As a post-op home caregiver , we can extend our caregiving practice to your home/hotel for after surgery assistance.

As a hotel assistant, we can dispense medications, facilitate meals, bring in your favorite music, and run errands.

Errand runners, wheather in the hospital or at home, can purchase your favorite magazine, newspapers, craft materials, pay bills, and even go to the grocery store to pick up your favorite fruits… or chocolate! (As long as it complies with the hospital’s dietary orders!!)

Why Do I need a Helper?

A Hospital Helper can provide unique one-on-one care. In a time where the healthcare system is overloaded, patients generally don’t get the treatment they deserve. This includes rushing through mealtimes and a general loss of independency.

Hospital Helpers are professionally trained. Family members don’t always know what to do in a time of crisis and don’t always manage well.

Hospital Helpers can encourage and stimulate to provide a sense of well-being. Engaging in outdoor activity, walks, thought provoking conversations, and having one’s needs tended to are all qualities that maintain one’s individualism. Reading, games, and regular activities provide mental stimulation, and help maintain or increase dexterity and coordination, while participation relieves melancholy and boredom.

Hospital Helpers can intervene and get the information you need. A large concern for many families is receiving feedback and status updates on their loved one’s progress. We bridge communication between the professionals and their family so that all involved are informed.

Who Needs a Helper?

A Helper is for anyone who requires any amount of assistance with any type of activity.

“The unmanageable becomes possible when you hire a Hospital Helper